• Heather Sasaki

Grow Your Culture Within

All the hospitality businesses share one core mission: To design and create a customer journey that they can feel and experience an emotional connection to your brand. But how do we do that?

Culture of Service

Have you ever heard of the term, "Culture of Service"? The culture of service is to restructure the way you think of yourself as the creator of guest experience rather than a service provider. And all departments from the engineering department to the management team to the marketing team, all of the staff play an equal part of being the experience designer.

Team Play is the Key.

Ask these questions:

  1. How unified are your teams?

  2. How often do you speak to your staff about your vision and expectation?

  3. How often do you tell them your personal story about why you are passionate about your business?

  4. Can you identify who your target audience is and are you communicating it with your teams often?

  5. When you make a decision, do you only base on the number or customer experience?

  6. Do you have the ability to hire the right person with a competitive salary? Or do you hire a person for less and expect more?

  7. How connected are you and your team with customer's experience?

  8. How do you evaluate your performance? Just by numbers? What other metrics do you use to measure your success?

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